Digitize Your Referral Program with Clicki: Modernize and Organize Your Local Business Referrals

KENDALL HINES 2023-06-16

Word-of-mouth has long been one of the most powerful marketing tools for local businesses. However, traditional referral programs can be cumbersome to manage and challenging to track.


Word-of-mouth has long been one of the most powerful marketing tools for local businesses. However, traditional referral programs can be cumbersome to manage and challenging to track. That's where Clicki comes in - a referral marketing solution that digitizes, modernizes, and organizes your current referral program. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of digitizing your referral program and how Clicki can help you unlock the full potential of referrals for your local business.

The Importance of Digitizing Your Referral Program

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, local businesses must adapt and modernize their marketing strategies. Referral marketing is no exception. Digitizing your referral program offers several key benefits:

  1. Simplified management: Digital referral programs streamline the process of tracking, managing, and rewarding customers for their referrals.
  2. Increased visibility: A digital referral program enables you to easily monitor the performance of your referral efforts and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Enhanced customer engagement: Offering a digital referral program encourages customers to engage with your brand and share their experiences with others online.
  4. Improved scalability: A digital referral program allows you to efficiently scale your referral efforts as your business grows.

Introducing Clicki: The Ultimate Solution to Modernize and Organize Your Referral Program

Clicki transforms your satisfied customers into a powerful digital referral network by paying customers per click and per lead. With Clicki, you can turn your traditional referral program into a streamlined, efficient, and effective marketing tool for your local business.

Key Features of Clicki:

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC): Promoters receive a branded tracking link using Clicki's technology to share. You only pay for verified clicks, ensuring maximum value for your investment. Example: yourbiz.com/refer/client
  2. Pay Per Referral (PPR): Promoters can easily submit referrals using the Clicki web app. You pay them for each referral that turns into a paying customer for your business—automatically!
  3. Pay Per Lead (PPL): New people who click on promoter tracking links are served a personalized landing page with a form to collect information from potential customers. You pay the promoters for each lead that converts into a paying customer for your business—all done automatically! Live example: mashalash.clicki.io/95u

How Clicki Can Benefit Your Local Business

By implementing Clicki's digital referral marketing solution, local businesses can experience a host of benefits:

  1. Streamlined Referral Process: Clicki's user-friendly web app makes it easy for promoters to submit referrals, and businesses can automatically track and reward them for their efforts.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Clicki's digital referral program encourages increased customer participation, leading to happier customers and a stronger brand reputation.
  3. Cost-effective Marketing: Clicki delivers quality clicks for under $1 and leads for under $10 each, making it an affordable alternative to traditional advertising methods.
  4. Scalable Growth: Clicki's digital referral program enables local businesses to efficiently scale their marketing efforts and accommodate future growth.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: Clicki provides valuable insights and data to help you optimize your referral program, allowing you to make informed decisions and improve your overall marketing strategy.


In today's digital age, it's crucial for local businesses to modernize and organize their referral programs. Clicki offers a comprehensive solution that digitizes your referral program, making it easier to manage, track, and reward customers for their referrals. By implementing Clicki's digital referral marketing platform, local businesses can streamline their referral process, increase customer engagement, and grow their customer base at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. Don't let your outdated referral program hold your business back. Embrace the future of referral marketing with Clicki and experience the benefits of a modern, organized, and digitized referral program for your local business. Start your journey with Clicki today and unlock the full potential of referrals for your business's growth and success.

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