Navigating the Rising Cost of Google LSA Ads

KENDALL HINES 2023-06-16

Combat Rising Google LSA Ad Costs with Clicki's Affordable Lead Generation for Local Businesses


With the digital landscape growing more competitive each day, local businesses are continually searching for new ways to stay ahead. Google Local Services Ads (LSA) have long been a popular choice for companies seeking to generate leads and increase visibility. However, the rising costs of Google LSA ads have left many businesses struggling to maintain their marketing budgets. Enter Clicki - a powerful referral marketing solution that delivers high-quality leads at a fraction of the cost of Google LSA ads. In this blog post, we'll explore how Clicki is transforming the way local businesses like salons, spas, lawn care services, pest control companies, and more generate leads and grow their customer base.

The Rising Cost of Google LSA Ads

Google LSA ads have become increasingly expensive for local businesses, primarily due to increased competition and bidding for ad placements. As more companies vie for a limited number of advertising spots, the cost per click (CPC) and cost per lead (CPL) for these ads have skyrocketed. As a result, many local businesses are finding it challenging to generate leads cost-effectively, putting immense pressure on their budgets and hindering their growth.

Introducing Clicki: The Affordable Lead Generation Solution for Local Businesses

Clicki is revolutionizing the way local businesses generate new leads by offering a unique referral marketing solution that leverages satisfied customers as a powerful digital referral network. Instead of paying Google, businesses pay their customers for each click, lead, or referral they generate. This innovative approach ensures quality clicks for under $1 and leads for under $10 each, making it a cost-effective alternative to Google LSA ads.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Model

Clicki's pay-per-click model allows promoters to receive a branded tracking link using Clicki's technology. When customers share this link, businesses enjoy quick wins, happier customers, and increased participation. The best part? Businesses only pay for verified clicks, ensuring they get maximum value for their investment. Example:

Pay Per Referral (PPR) Model

Using the Clicki web app, promoters can easily submit referrals for local businesses. Businesses pay the promoters for each referral that turns into a paying customer, automatically. This seamless process encourages customer participation and drives high-quality referrals to your business.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) Model

When new people click on a promoter's tracking link, they are served a personalized landing page with a form to collect their information. Local businesses pay the promoters for each lead that converts into a paying customer, all done automatically. This approach ensures that businesses only pay for genuine leads that result in increased revenue. Live example:

Why Clicki is the Perfect Solution for Local Businesses?

Local businesses in various industries, such as salon spas, lawn care, and pest control, are continually seeking cost-effective ways to generate leads and grow their customer base. Clicki offers a budget-friendly solution that leverages the power of satisfied customers to generate high-quality clicks and leads.

By using Clicki's innovative referral marketing platform, local businesses can:

  1. Save money on advertising costs by paying customers instead of Google
  2. Receive high-quality, verified clicks and leads at a fraction of the cost of Google LSA ads
  3. Increase customer engagement and loyalty by incentivizing customers to promote their favorite businesses
  4. Streamline the referral process with an easy-to-use web app
  5. Scale their marketing efforts efficiently and cost-effectively


As the cost of Google LSA ads continues to rise, local businesses need to find innovative ways to generate leads without breaking the bank. Clicki offers an affordable and powerful referral marketing solution that delivers

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