Clicki Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple. Your business will only pay for uniqiue verified clicks guaranteed.

Airtight Terms of Service

Our terms of service that promoters have to agree to when becoming a promoter is airtight to protect the companies we work with

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Bot Detection

We also remove all Bot/Spider Traffic. Bot traffic appears naturally on every single link that you share publicly - on social media, advertising, or even on a forum. It occurs because companies like Google are looking to index your link and ensure that you are sending the user to a safe destination. Other bots, such as smaller social media analytics companies, may click on your link. Bot traffic is detectable, and therefore can be filtered.

IP Tracking

Our smartllink technology tracks the ip address of each click session. It also looks at device id. With our smartlink technology we are able to make sure you are only charged for unique verified clicks.

Location Filtering

If you have a local business that serves a specific area. We can apply a location filter where you are only charged for clicks in your designated service area.